An embankment failure caused by flooding approximately 200 feet along the siding track, undermined the siding at this sight. Consequently, Milestone was brought in to expeditiously provide construction management services for emergency repairs to the embankment along the existing siding track.   We directed the contractor to drive approximately 200 feet of sheet pile, approximately 30 feet deep, leaving a 5-foot gap approximately every 25 feet to install a rock trench drain. After the sheet wall was installed, we instructed the contractor to drive 14×89 H-Piles behind the sheet wall at the end of each section, to a depth of 60 feet to help prevent any future embankment slides. We discovered that there was a low area between the county road and the mainline track that was holding water. We then had a had a 36” pipe jack and bored under the tracks to help with existing drainage. Milestone supervised and reviewed the contractor’s costs, final pay applications and closed out the project.