Construction Management services were completed for 10.7-miles of double mainline from Bonita to Hillsdale, KS. The project was located on the Fort Scott Subdivision near Spring Hill, Kansas. The improvements increased velocity, expanded capacity and boost on-time performance for the BNSF and the UPRR. The project improvements included two (2) new structures at MP 31.42 and MP 37.10 over 223rd Street and Ten-mile creek. Bridge 31.42 was 206’ – 4 Span (51.5’-51.5’-51.5’-51.5’) steel spans over 223rd Street. Bridge 37.10 was 281’ – 7 Span (31’-31’-31’-31’-62’-62’-34’) combination, prestressed concrete and steel spans over Ten-mile creek; five (5) at grade rail crossing improvements (191 St., W. 207th St, E. Nichols St., E. Hale St. and W. 255th St.; four (4) precast box culvert extensions; 125 LF of pre-cast plank and pile retaining wall; and multiple drainage pipe installations consisted of both jack and bore and pipe extensions. In addition, track improvements included the installation of three (3) new crossovers, a 1,425 TF industry lead extension and construction of a 1,500 TF double-ended set out track for future maintenance.

This line segment is a critical piece of infrastructure that serves many of BNSF’s valued merchandise and bulk customers. The improvements significantly increased capacity and improved velocities an average of 30 minutes per train. The new crossovers also enhance fluidity into and out of BNSF’s Kansas City Terminal.